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Re: Arcadia, Orkadians, Acadia(ns)

Still alive and forever sifting through for interesting information! and there's lots.....   :)
I got an interesting email the other day from a "cousin" of mine.....here's the clip:
Hello Jeff,
 Talked to my brother last night,his name is Donald Duke,and he met your
at Fort McMurray,just by acident,your father is Mike Inkster? Lives Le Duc (Alberta)
or something like that. Well any's your father and my brother and me are
My GGreatgrandfather was John Inkster,whom married Mary Sinclair and they
had many children,one was Colin Inkster who was Sheriff  winnipeg for fifty
or more years.George Thomas Inkster was Colins brother,he is my
Greatgrandfather.So if you need me to answer some questions,let me know.
shirley leach
Talk about your small world!  haha.
Once again I contribute this connection to this email listing. I believe Shirley and I met here.
(I'd go through my past messages but the Chernobol virus stuck me and I was forced to reinstall everything, hence I lost a lot of information).
Off topic:
My friend who is an internet service provider is the one who found the virus after a file transfer to him. He said that the ONLY virus checker that found it AND was able to clean it was Anti-Virual Pro.
You can get it here:  www.avp.com
Hope this helps a few people.  :)
As for the Tartan, Yes! I found it! Through Neil Ray and Joanne Gilmore (I need your email address!) they just happen to be friends with George R. Inkster of Winnipeg, Man. who is the Inkster Clan Cheiftain. (I didn't even know we had one...hehe)
He sent a picture of the Tartan which I will post once I get the picture scanned for everyone to see. Unfortunately due to time/money I couldn't get it arranged for the marriage. But I am going with the Scottish National which does look very sharp.
Take care!
Jeff Inkster
Toronto, ON, Canada
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> Wow
> Hello Jeff!  How nice to hear from you again.
> Did you ever find the Inkster tartan you were looking for?  If not, maybe someone on this list may know something.  (For those of you who don't remember,
> Jeff descended from the Inksters of Orkney, who with the Sinclairs, went to
> Hudson Bay in the late 1700s to work for the HBCo.  After 250 years, there is
> a huge family group throughout the west who descend from the original settlers.
> I believe Inkster is a sept of Clan Sinclair.)  
> Do any of you know about such a tartan?
> Toni
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