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William Sinclair

The book is titled "Descendants of George Sinclair, 4th Earl of Caithness for 
Ten Generations". Page 14 states; It is very possible that William was the 
son of John Sinclair of Berridale and Jean Seaforth, although this is not a 
documented fact. If so, the he is the great great grandson of John Sinclair, 
Master of Caithness, with lineage to Rosslyn. While it is not known with 
certainty when William arrived in America, several studdies suggest that he 
may have been kidnaped or indentured in Scotland and brought to Deleware or 
Maryland. Tradition says that William lived near Rosslyn Castle, and was 
forceably taken by some Swedish sailors and transported to a Swedish 
settlement in Deleware. Records show that William Sinkler and Phebe Glave, 
both belonging to Springfield Meeting in Chester Pa., propose their intention 
to marry. Other monthly meeting minutes for March 10, 1709 reported their 
marriage. Phebe was the daughter of George Glave of Springfield Pa. His 
arrival in America is also unknown, but he did ship goods on "The Freeman" of 
Liverpool in 1682. The Sinklers and the Glaves were Quakers. This book was 
compiled by our late good friend Pete Cummings, whose work will not be 
forgotten. I will send other gererations to you each evening, stay tuned.
Donald Sinclair (Indianapolis)
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