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Re: Attn: Marilyn Siperek

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        Robert Sinclair ( born 1832- S. Ronaldsay Orkney Islands) married Mary
Sutherland Allan (born 1833- Isle of Swona South Ronaldsay Orkney Islands)-
married on Isle of Swona on Jun16, 1859.  Robert was their son born Jan. 1st
1869:  John was their son born on Sept. 13, 1870.  I have not yet checked IGI
for spouses and children.  Alexander, my great-grandfather was probably the
8th child.  He emigrated to US (Western New York) in 1902.  I have much more
info on the family if you feel it is your line.  Where are you from?  In June
1909, a newspaper article commemorating Robert and Mary Allan Sinclair's 50th
anniversary stated there wer 11 children total of which 5 sons and 5 daughters
remained- I have identified 9 of the 11.  The article reported that the
children resided in : Africa, one in Australia, two in Liverpool, one in
Glasgow, one in Barnsley, Yorkshire and one in Oyce.  When reviewing old post
cards and photos there were also links to Racine Wisc, Aberdeen and British
Columbia.   Hope this helps.               Marilyn
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