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Attn: Marilyn Siperek

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Thank you so much for the two e-mail messages. The Robert Sinclair (b. 1
Jan. 1869) that you mentioned - do you know where/when he was born/died?
Did he immigrate to the US from Scotland? Please send me any further
information you may have on him. There may be a possibility that he is
the Robert I am searching for. Here is my Sinclair line in brief, which
is on my mother's side of the family:

Kristin Alynn Hussein (b. Montana)
Linda Sinclair Manska - mother (b. 1946: Montana - d. 1976: Montana)
John Ward Sinclair II - mat. grandfather (b. 1923: Montana - d. 1956:
John Ward Sinclair I - mat. g grandfather (b. 1891: Ohio - d. 1928:
Robert Sinclair - mat. gg grandfather (b. btwn. 1860-70: Ohio/perhaps
Scotland - d.?)
    - married a Miss Ward, presumably in Ohio.

What do you think? Maybe a connection here?


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