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Re: Attn: Marilyn Siperek

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    Our Robert was definately born in Scotland- South Ronaldsay- Orkney
Islands; born Jan. 1, 1869.  I have not check for any further dates on him but
there are many birth and marriage records on the Cursiter files that is
located at www.cursiter.com  You can probaby find marriage info there.  Also
the registrar for South Ronaldsay is on line and I could probably find her e-
mail address if you are unable to find him on the cursiter files.  It is very
possible that he emmigrated to US.  A newpaper article stated that there were
numerous family members in the US as of 1909.
     The timeframe is right.  Do you have any info in siblings?  This family's
Robert had 11 children, 9 of whom we have names for.  
      The middle name of Allan is also another strong reason to suspect.  Two
of his siblings had middle name of Allan.  This Robert's mother's maiden name
was Mary Sutherland Allan, father Robert also.  The Orkney records have been
easier for me to find than the US records.  Let me know if I can help.
Sincerely,               Marilyn
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