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Attn: Marilyn Siperek

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Dear Marilyn,

I am VERY interested in the siblings of your g grandfather, Alexander
Sinclair. You mentioned that among his siblings were a Robert and John
Sinclair. I am desperately seeking any information about my gg
grandfather Robert Sinclair (1850? 1860? - ?)and his son, my g
grandfather, John Ward Sinclair (1891-1928), . Do you have any
additional information on these two? Birth dates/death
dates/places/marriages/children, etc.? I would really appreciate
anything you could provide. Also, the middle name of "Allan" rang a bell
with me. It is in my family. My maternal uncle's name is James Allan
Sinclair. My own middle name is "Alynn", which is a variation of Allan.
My mother intended to name me after my uncle had I been born male, but
since I wasn't, she changed his middle name to make it a female
variation and gave it to me as my own middle name. I'm really hoping for
a connection here. The dates and names seem to coincide. Hope to hear
from you soon.

Kristin Alynn Hussein

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