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Re: Attn: Robert Stevens Re: Sarah Sinclair(St. Clair), Highland Co., Ohio

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Kristin A. Hussein wrote:
> Do you have any additional information regarding Sarah Sinclair and John
> W. Sinclair that you mentioned in your e-mail of Wed., 14 September? I'm
> desperately searching for ANYTHING that might link me to my Robert
> Sinclair and John W. Sinclair in Ohio.
The Maerican Geographicak=l & Biographical Index list a John Sinclair
183? Oh Wallbridge[book] pg 257
I am looking for John W sinclair the Son of Sarah Sinclair and John
Sinclair of Highland Co. John died in Ross Co in 1823. John W. was
indentured out to a George W. Tucker as a Tailor's apprentice for 5
years not sure of him after that. There were two John St Clair on the
1820 Census Index one in Columbiana Co Han Twp Pg 73. The other in
Geauga Co Spr Twp pg 177. I found that the census takers were not to
faithful in recording the Surnames so its wise to check all variences.
Our Thomas was recorded as Stclair on the 1860. 1830 has a John Sinclair
in Belmont Richland Twp Pg 240. and four John St Clairs two in Hamilton
Springfield pgs 261 255. one in Muskingum Rich Hill twp pg 266. and one
in Warren Franklin twp pg 202. also a john St Clair in Clinton Chester
twp pg 229. 1840 has a John St Clair in Hamilton Cincinnati p 187. If
you do go lookup these people on the Rolls themselves please check this
one out there is a Thos S St Claire in Highland Co Concord Twp Pg73. A
john Sinclair Warren Co Wayyne Twp pg 152. a john sinclair Columbiana co
Han twp. pg 44. a robert sinclair columbiana co Wes Twp pg 2. [I don't
have the Twp list for the north half on Ohio. A John Sinclair Monroe co
Center twp pg 97 and john in Muskingum co Rich Hill twp pg 480. a john
st clere in Pikaway co sea twp pg 11. In 1850 two many john's to list.
no Roberts. 1860 a John/Lydia/Sarah in murc[Muskingum rich hill] pg 381
a john in rs[Ross]hr pg 127. robert/Nancy/Orlando in Murc pg 382.
John/Elmina/adam,mary,sarah sinclare in murc pg 385. I have a friend in
Waverly who sent me some stuff from the 1860. You probably have most of
this but if not ?maybe?
Bob Stevens
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