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Re: Information query on exploration past the New World

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>Yes, I am one of them!!  My family is now in New Zealand and my grandparent=
>s believe our branch extended to or from Spain and France before coming =
>here to New Zealand.  We are in the North Island and believe our family =
>settled in Gisborne early ago.
>I would be very interested in anyone who knows of this path of travel and =
>can help me.  I am finding it very hard to trace back the New Zealand =
>Sinclairs.  I know of those who live in the South Island but do not have =
>any european decendants like my family are illeged to have.  I have not =
>found any connection with our family and the Australian Sinclairs.
>Can anyone help?

I'm afraid I can't help with NZ Sinclairs; I know they exist, but I don't
know how they got there.  I know a tiny amount about a few AU Sinclairs
who are descended from my group, although none of the ones actually in
AU have responded to any of our inquiries.

It may be worth remembering that for centuries (at least since the 18th)
Scots have fought in the British Army, and some are likely to have ended
up anywhere that army went.  Most any part of the British Commonwealth
is likely to have a few here and there, for example.  Due to the Napoleanic
Wars, it wouldn't be at all surprising to find some in Spain or Portugal.

Even before that, many Scots fought with other armies, particularly
with the French, as far back as the fourteenth century.  There are
Scots-descended families in places such as France and Poland because
of this.

Maybe others on this list can help you with NZ Sinclairs.

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