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RE: Information query on exploration past the New World

John, I am descended from John Sinclair and Mary Ireland, married 1826, Latherton, Caithness, son David, daughter Margaret, b.1834. The family emigrated to Melbourne,Australia, aboard the "Covenanter"arriving 1.1.1855.Margaret married John Oswald and the family settled at Corowa, NSW, where David established a vineyard. Margaret & John's daughter, Ellen Christina, married George Squires, whose son, Oswald Sinclair Squires, was my father.  The Sinclair name has been passed onto each generation to follow.  I am seeking Scottish connections with John & Mary. Family history has it that they left Scotland because the fishing industry was in decline, tried fishing in Australia, but found it unrewarding, hence the move to join David in his farming.  David did not marry, and at his death, left his estate to his sister, who not only had a large tombstone carved for his grave, but also erected a bust in honour of Queen Victoria in a little park in Corowa, opposite the small red brick Presybterian church where they and my grandmother worshipped. There are many Sinclairs in Australia, listed in telephone directories. Best wishes, Jill

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>Other than journeying to Canada & the New World, are ther any other 
>places that Sinclairs from Scotland traveled to? I've heard of many in 
>Australia & New Zealand; how far across the globe does the Sinclair clan 

Yes, AU and NZ, as others have mentioned.

Also South Africa.

And a couple of my Sinclair great-great-uncles went to India with the
British Army and died there.
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