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RE: John Sinclair descendants

	My Joshua St. Clair's father, John m. Abigail Clark, was b. in NH.  He was in the sawmill building business which took him to Me, Western NY, Erie Co. PA and Geuga Co. OH and Crawford Co. PA.  From him, his boys learned good carpenter skills.  Right around 1844 land must have been opening up in SE Wisconsin because I had about 10 lines of people arrive there at about the same time.
	Joshua moved around about 10 times to different jobs until about 1867 when he settled in Juneau Co. WI which is NW of Madison, so still in the bottom 1/3 of the state.  His 6 granddaughters from two sons, m. into the Coleman family (Joshua's brother had two more grandchildren that m. into this same clan) who were principally loggers in the Winter and then farmers in the summer.  
It wasn't until about 1890 that his descendants went north to Barron Co.(which is in the upper part of the upper 2/3's of the state) and took up farming more full time but kept their love for horses, machinery, and dangerous jobs.  Barron Co. is just about on the upper limits of good farming land.  
	In the next generation, my grandmother Bowers, following her divorse from a Coleman (I think the good , devil may care attitude of this rogue quite carried away this plain Jane, stoic and practical farm girl.  But in the light of day, with 2 small kids and a Don Juan on her hands, she got out of the marriage)  Then she m. a man from SD who told her he was an engineer, he just worked for the Great Northern RR , but he wasn't any type of an engineer  and they moved to Superior, WI to be closer to his work on the ore dock.

But it was her uncles, s/o a Coleman and St. Clair girl went to the Mesabi range off and on.  One uncle, Chuck Coleman, became a very famous steeple jack around the WI area who painted or repaired smoke stacks, and clock towers.  He was 90 this May.

I got my St. Clair book photo copied by a woman in gratitude for a lot of St. Clair -Coleman stuff I gave her.  She was working at the time at the SLC mormin library where there is a copy.  I think that you might contact them there and could get a copy made.
My margins are sure pecular.  Don't know why they are doing this.
I understand that most of my transmissions do this.  I'm using Microsoft Exchange.  Is that the reason why??