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Sinclair Research

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For those of you who were interested in the 16th and 17th Earls of Caithness, I have obtained a  copy of "The Sinclairs of Roslin, Caithness, and Goshen" by the
Rev. A. Maclean Sinclair, written in 1901. It has been reproduced by Clan Sinclair Assoc. of Canada, available from Rory Sinclair, Secretary, 133 Major St. Toronto, Ontario M5S 2K9.  It is FULL of names, and dates.  

James-Augustus, the 16th Earl, married in 1855, Janet and had by her - John Sutherland Sinclair, and other sons.  He dies in 1891.

John Sutherland Sinclair, 17th Earl of Caithness was educated at the University of Aberdeen, He emigrated to the U>S>  He has a farm called Berriedale at Lacota in North Dacota.  He has no land in Scotland.  But that is not a matter of any great consequence; he is chief of the Sinclairs of Caithness (remember, this written in 1901)

Going back farther:  "...James of Mey, the 12th earl died in 1823, and was succeeded by his son Alexander.  Alexander, the 13th earl, died in 1855, and was succeeded by his son James.  James, the 14th Earl, was noted for his scientific attainments.  He died in New York, in 1881, and was succeeded by his son, George.  George of Mey, the 15th earl, died unmarried in 1889.  He was succeeded in the title of earl, but not in his estate, by James Augustus Sinclair, son of Lieu.-Colonel John Sutherland Sinclair of the Durran family."

Under the Sinclairs of Goshen "The Descendants of Alexander in Shurery"
Alexander Sinclair married Isabel Sutherland in 179_., and had 9 children:
Elspet, 1792; William, 1794, Robert, 1796; John, 1797, Christy, 1081; Alexander, 1806; Robert, 1808; Donald, 1811.  He left Latheron and sailed for America in the spring of 1816, landed at Halifax in June, and came by a schooner to Sherbrook.  About 1820 he removed with his family to the district then known as the Backlands of St. Mary's, but now Goshen.  He died on May 13, 1841.

I'm sorry, Rick, but there is no mention of a Richard.  Most of their children stayed in Nova Scotia, and a few went to Washington State.

This seems to verify Laurie's research.  (Laurie-what is the source of your information?) 

Toni S.
(Sinclairs of Islay, Argyll to Victoria Co.)

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