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Re: John Sinclair descendants

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Thank you, Laurel, for your description of the Mesabi mines -- I haven't been
to Minnesota since I was very young and have never seen them. They sound worth
a visit. George Arthur and George Howe must have had noses for iron ore as the
family still receives some royalties from mineral rights they acquired. My
father remembered hauling several tons of ore samples out of the wilderness by
pack and canoe when he was 18 and his father was in his early 60's. 

George Arthur, born in 1848, remains in family memory and parlance in the
phrase "And what would you like to talk about, Rosa?" He apparently was a
quiet man who liked to read -- to the annoyance of Rosa (Rossetta Amelia
Howe), who would have liked more of his attention. The story goes that he
would partially close his book but keep his finger to mark his place. We still
use the phrase, with all of its nuances and implications -- each of us has
been a Rosa at some point.

I appear to have the same book (by Leonard Allison Morrison?)-- or rather a
couple dozen very poor xerox copies of specific pages -- I am in the process
of trying to arrange to get a real one from the Higginson Book Company in MA. 

Is your family in the same line? I am surprised that so many wound up near the
Great Lakes.


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