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Re: 2 cents worth and Argyll Sinclairs

Hi Toni,

I enjoyed your posting very much, as it gave me some hope that I may yet be
able to trace my Sinclair ancestors back to Scotland.    I'm descended from
Irish Sinclairs living in Ulster (Bushmills to be exact), and I'm very
interested in their origins.   I can't trace them back past my Gt Gt
grandfather James Sinclair, who is buried in the Dunluce Church of Ireland
cemetary just west of Bushmills.  He lived from ~1830 til 1886, and owned
one of the mills for which the town was named (grain, not barley for the
whiskey business) on the banks of the river Bush.   I've looked through the
local church records, but to no avail.  This spring I'm returning for
another try with the land records in Belfast.

Family history says that my Gt Grandmother Elizabeth Sinclair came to
Canada and stayed with relatives there for some months before coming south
to the Phildelphia area where she married  William Beverland, a former
worker in her father's mill...  All contact with the Sinclairs was
apparently lost after that event, although, in later years my grandmother
said that we had relatives  in Canda and Philadelphia, wthout mentioning
their names or locations.  We only found the mill in Bushmills because it
still has the same name, Ballyness House.

I've been collecting Sinclair genealogies (xeroxing them) in the hopes of
finding a connection, and because I may yet uncover a relation who appears
in those other genealogies.  I would be very interested in obtaining a copy
of what you found in Islay.  I would be happy to share anything I've
uncovered.  The three genealogies I have collected are the classic late
19th century genealogy by Morrison (portions), the small 1904 genealogy by
Reverend A. McLean Sinclair, and a more recent genealogy (1960) on Irish
Sinclaires by Charlotte Sinclaire Lappe Daub.  I'd be happy to share copies
with you if any are unfamiliar with any of these.

Best regards from Albany (NY), the site of the Capital District Scottish
Games on Labor Day weekend.

Joe Erkes

>Hi All!  I just got back from Florida and guess what was waiting for me? -
>130 email messages, and all but 10 were from YOU!  I enjoyed reading each one,
>deleted most, but saved the ones which had information I'm interested in.  So,
>for my part, I disagree with Bill Sinclair who finds it a nuisance to get
>so much mail.  I think it's a great way to give and take information
>between  so many people from all over the world who  have something in
>common.  Even
>though I'm not personally researching American Sinclairs, it's still very
>interesting, and a real pleasure when some of you connect, and find mutual
>ancestors.  That's all I have to say about that!
>Now - about the Sinclairs from Argyll........