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Re: 2 cents worth and Argyll Sinclairs

Dear Joe,

Ho w very interesting.  My family tree exactly matches yours we MUST be
related.  We are probably siblings.
Suzanne Keenan tkeenan@msn.com
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From: merkes@albany.net <merkes@albany.net>
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Date: Wednesday, March 25, 1998 10:35 AM
Subject: Re: 2 cents worth and Argyll Sinclairs

>Hi Toni,
>I enjoyed your posting very much, as it gave me some hope that I may yet be
>able to trace my Sinclair ancestors back to Scotland.    I'm descended from
>Irish Sinclairs living in Ulster (Bushmills to be exact), and I'm very
>interested in their origins.   I can't trace them back past my Gt Gt
>grandfather James Sinclair, who is buried in the Dunluce Church of Ireland
>cemetary just west of Bushmills.  He lived from ~1830 til 1886, and owned
>one of the mills for which the town was named (grain, not barley for the
>whiskey business) on the banks of the river Bush.   I've looked through the
>local church records, but to no avail.  This spring I'm returning for
>another try with the land records in Belfast.
>Family history says that my Gt Grandmother Elizabeth Sinclair came to
>Canada and stayed with relatives there for some months before coming south
>to the Phildelphia area where she married  William Beverland, a former
>worker in her father's mill...  All contact with the Sinclairs was
>apparently lost after that event, although, in later years my grandmother
>said that we had relatives  in Canda and Philadelphia, wthout mentioning
>their names or locations.  We only found the mill in Bushmills because it
>still has the same name, Ballyness House.
>I've been collecting Sinclair genealogies (xeroxing them) in the hopes of
>finding a connection, and because I may yet uncover a relation who appears
>in those other genealogies.  I would be very interested in obtaining a copy
>of what you found in Islay.  I would be happy to share anything I've
>uncovered.  The three genealogies I have collected are the classic late
>19th century genealogy by Morrison (portions), the small 1904 genealogy by
>Reverend A. McLean Sinclair, and a more recent genealogy (1960) on Irish
>Sinclaires by Charlotte Sinclaire Lappe Daub.  I'd be happy to share copies
>with you if any are unfamiliar with any of these.
>Best regards from Albany (NY), the site of the Capital District Scottish
>Games on Labor Day weekend.
>Joe Erkes
>>Hi All!  I just got back from Florida and guess what was waiting for me? -
>>130 email messages, and all but 10 were from YOU!  I enjoyed reading each
>>deleted most, but saved the ones which had information I'm interested in.
>>for my part, I disagree with Bill Sinclair who finds it a nuisance to get
>>so much mail.  I think it's a great way to give and take information
>>between  so many people from all over the world who  have something in
>>common.  Even
>>though I'm not personally researching American Sinclairs, it's still very
>>interesting, and a real pleasure when some of you connect, and find mutual
>>ancestors.  That's all I have to say about that!
>>Now - about the Sinclairs from Argyll........