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Re: Argyll Sinclairs

Hello, to all, especially to Karen.  Bingo!

Killarow Parish was the original name of the parish which became Bowmore (pronounced B'more, accent on the "more") in,
I think, 1796.  All the cottages were removed from Killarow when the Laird built  a new home, and his view over Loch Indaal was spoiled.  He built the  new  town of Bowmore  a mile or two away, to re-settle the people, and built a new church - the Round Church, which sits at the top of the hill, overlooking the new town.  The church was round "so that the devil would have no place to hide".  It's a beautiful church, in a beautiful town, and if I had a way to show  all of you a photograph I would, but I have a MacIntosh, and I never seem to be able to do that with other PCs.  Being computer illiterate, I don't understand why.

However, Yes, I believe we have the same Duncan.  In Donald Whyte's "A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada before Confederation" (1867,  for those of you who need a history lesson) Archibald is described as born 22 July, 1787,  from Isle of Islay, son of Duncan S and Margaret Mary Dougall, to Ontario 
ca 1830, settled Victoria County.  Married Peggy Kirkland.

In the marriage register of Killarow/Bowmore, 1774,  I do have Duncan (from Neriby) and Margaret McDougall from Noseburg (probably "Nosebridge", an ancient fort ruin next to Neriby farm).  The children I have attributed to them are:
Ann, 1777, Margaret,1782, Mary, 1785 ( Mrs. Stewart), Archibald*, 1787, Catharine, 1789,(Mrs. Archibald McKechnie)  and John, 1793. There are also other
possible siblings -  Hugh, born 27 Feb. 1785,  Donald (the soldier), and  John, (the Bishop).  I can't be too sure of these.

Now, Karen.  How do you know about this branch of the family?  You are the first person I've found who knows ANYTHING about the Islay Sinclairs.   Please, write
back soon.  I can't wait to hear.  

Toni S.