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Sinclairs & Gunns to Celebrate 600th Year

The Prince Henry Project Committee announces the 600th Celebration
for the Clan Gathering for Gunns and Sinclairs.  Events will span seven
Clan Sinclair and Clan Gunn will have "Honored Clan" status at this year's 
New Hampshire Highland Games.  The presence of The Right-Honorable Malcolm 
Sinclair, Earl of Caithness, Hereditary Chief of Clan Sinclair will be 
recognized.  In addition, Prince Henry and his companions are expected to be

in attendance (through impersonation)!  Last year the attendance at the NH 
Highland Games was 42,000.  Among the scheduled events are the Tattoo,
Pipe Bands, Contests for harp, fiddle and Highland dancing, demonstrations, 
seminars, games, Tartan Ball, and clan tents.

In Westford, MA, there will be a banquet, seminars, clan meeting, and a 
reception.  Special exhibitions are planned at the Library  to commemorate
600th Anniversary.  Information gathered about the "Westford Knight" will be

available for browsing and copying.   Also, while at the library, one can
the "Boat Stone" (a carving on a stone thought to have been carved at the
time as the Westford Knight.  It resembles a sailing ship). The schools in 
Westford will be doing special projects about the Sinclair Voyage to get the

students involved. The Westford Museum will be featuring special lectures

Here is the preliminary schedule of events.

New Hampshire Highland Games, Lincoln NH

Thursday, September 17th
	7:00 pm  		Tattoo

Friday, September 18th
	9:30 am    	Parade
	All day     	Sinclair Symposium (Hour-long seminars on such 
			subjects as Genealogy, Ancient Sinclair History, 
			Prince Henry, Rosslyn Chapel, Westford Knight, & 
	All day     	Tents & Games
	7:00 pm    	Dinner & Tartan Ball

Saturday, September 19th
	All day      	Tents & Games
	7:00 pm    	Concert & Dinner & Dance

Sunday, September 20th
	10:00 am   	Religious Service
   	All day    	Tents & Games
   	4:00 pm    	Closing Ceremonies
   	6:00 pm     	Travel to Westford, MA

Westford, Massachusetts (Westford Regency Hotel & Convention Center)

Monday, September 21st
	9:00 am     	Registration
  	10:00 am     	Commissioner's Meeting
  	10:00 am     	Symposium Makeup Session
   	1:00 pm     	Visits to the Westford Knight Ledge & Library
   	7:00 pm     	Clan Banquet for Sinclairs & Gunns

Tuesday, September 22nd
	10:00 am     	Clan Meetings (for Members)
  	12:00 am     	Visits to the Westford Knight Ledge & Library
   	7:00 pm     	Chief's Reception (public invited) Presentation of 
                    	Plaque to Town.

Newburyport, Massachusetts/Exeter, New Hampshire

Wednesday, September 23rd
	9:30 am     	Newburyport Harbor Tours
   	1:00 pm     	Exeter Inn Luncheon,  Sinkler talk by the Exeter 
                    		Historical Society,  Presentation of Plaque
to Town 
   	3:00 pm    	Historical House Tour

More information will be published in the next issues of  "600th Celebration

News", "Yours Aye", and on Web Sites. http://www.mids.org/sinclair/600 or  
to our other site which is:  http://www/netcom.com/~jolin/600thII.html.   Or

you can contact Prince Henry Project Committee, PO Box 158, Worcester, MA
USA,  Phone:  (508) 835-2900  Fax:  (508) 835-2944   E-Mail: