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Re: Peter Sinclair & Duncan Sinclair family


Duncan A. Sinclair was born abt 1802 (1850 census) in Moore County, NC to
Peter Sinclair and Jinnet.  His other siblings were:  Mary (1805), Peter
(1807), Andrew (1817) and Nancy (1821) who was "idiotic."

Peter Sinclair was born 1775, a native of North Carolina, and died 1854 in
Moore County, NC.  Peter Sinclair was a farmer and "a leading member in the
Presbyterian Church."  He died of cancer.  Jinett was born 1777, died after
1860-before 1870 in Moore County, NC.  Brother Peter lived in Moore County
and married Elizabeth Cole.  Brother Andrew (carpenter) went to "his
brother in Texas" after he was accused of stealing hogs.  Sisters Mary and
Nancy remained single.

For more information regarding this family see:
-Moore County, NC Will Book C-26 (Peter Sinclair)
-"The England Papers" in library at Carthage, Moore, NC.

Duncan A. Sinclair was born abt 1802 in Moore County, NC.  He md. Effie
MacIntyre abt 1829.  He went to Texas in 1859 after his children were
grown.  1860 went to Arkansas, where he died in 1866.  Effie returned to
Texas where she died in 1877 in Dublin, Erath County.

Children:* Daniel (1831) died aft 1896 in Texarkana, TX; John W. (25 Aug
1832-18 Nov 1891); Peter Sinclair (1835-died 1860 Moore, NC) md. Jane
Wicker on 31 Oct 1858; Mary Sinclair (1838-bef 1896) md. N C Caldwell;
Archibald R (1840-1882 Hamilton Co., TX) md. Ellen Gallager; James S (9 Mar
1844-7 Apr 1921 Dublin, Erath, TX) md. Mary Cynthia Steel on 1 Mar 1870 in
Bell Co., TX + many others!; George (1849-1883 San Saba Co., TX).  *All
children born in Moore County, NC.

For more information regarding this family see:
-"Genealogy of the McIver Family" by Helen W. McIver
-Biography of James Sinclair in "History of Texas" pub 1896 by Lewis Pub
Co. of Chicago

Feel free to contact me with any questions,
Karen Matheson
> From: Jerry Sinclair <sinclair@iphase.com>
> To: sinclair@zilker.net
> Subject: Peter Sinclair & Duncan Sinclair family
> Date: Tuesday, March 24, 1998 8:09 AM
> Looking for information on Peter Sinclair family of North Carolina
> (possibly Moore County).  I'm interested in finding information on Peter
> Sinclair's ancestors.
> Peter's son was Duncan or D.A. Sinclair born in 1799.
> Duncan married Effie McIntire and had these children:
> Daniel -  information not available on this family.
> Peter   -  information not available on this family.
> Mary  -  Information not available on this family.
> Arch R.
> George
> John W.
> James.
> Arch R., George, John W. (my ancestor), and James migrated to Texas from
> North
> Carolina.
> These four brothers were in the sawmill business at Belton, Texas and
> also at
> Dublin, Texas.
> Sincerely,
> Sinclair