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Re: name change

Hello again Brad  - I really should read all the e mail first instead of
answering one at a time.

I'll be glad to send you a copy of the Memories and trust the people from whom
I got them won't mind family sharing.  They give the flavor of the times in
which they lived and I treasure them as I do all Sinclairs whatever the
spelling of the name and obviously I'm proud of the name.

My great grandfather Philip Hamilton (brother of Wayman) settled in Adair
County, the next one over from where Campbellsville is. His children and
grandchildren were born there.  Many of them left Adair Co. some went to
Louisville, my dad came to Cincinnati.  In most cases it was that there was
very little employment other than farming at that time.

Will run off a copy of the Memoirs tonight and get it into tomorrow's mail.


Wanda Sinclair Harness