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Re: descendants of Alexander Sinkler

Steve St.Clair
William St.Clair SR. was my Grandfather , he died 3 years ago.
He lived in Memphis, TN and then he moved to Little Rock, Arkansas

Jean Grigsby wrote:

> SkinnyGinn:
> Robert Jrs book goes into the computer during spring break - the covers are
> ordered and the WILL book is all over but the proofreading.  Please let the
> others know I haven't died - just slowed down a bit.  Looks like a full
> moon and all of Alexanders descendants are surfacing so I will try to add
> my 2 cents in the hopes it will be of help.
> Steve St. Clair:
> Where did your William S. SR. live?  That will tell me real quick who he
> belonged to.
> Bananah:  Reread the message from Brad Sinkler.  He is going to descend
> from Isaac & Letitia also.  Burl and I have worked for years on those two
> men,  William Douglas and George.
> Brad Sinkler:  Was your branch in 1880 Wayne County, Illinois? If so, I
> believe  you descend from Alexander Sinkler - Wayman Sinkler - Isaac &
> Letittia - (then we have a problem because there were no wills - the next
> generation will either be William Douglas Sinclair or George Sinclair and
> his first wife) - the next generation is William Douglas Sinclair and his
> wife Ruth Johnson who were the parents of your Isaac.  The first three
> generations are documented in my published book Sinkler-Sinclair-St. Clair.
>  The next ten generations are in an unpublished book consisting of about
> 500 typed pages.  Your family is #13 in my quarterlies and I have hunted
> for a descendant for more years than I care to recall.  Did Isaac's
> brothers and sisters go to Illinois with him?  If you would like to mail
> your family sheets as far back as you have documented, I can fill in the
> earlier records for you.  Welcome to the family!
> John S. Raschke:
> Apparently you are from the same line as Brad?  I have never heard of a
> Bastro Sinkler and would be very interested in hearing from you regarding
> him.  The only Sinclair I found in Dubois County 1850 was Ebenecer.  Do you
> by any chance descend from him?  You are facing the same problem as Brad as
> to the parents of Ebenezer although the Hart line has been doing a lot of
> work on that branch.
> I was fascinated to see that your branch was still marrying into the Martin
> family.  Do they trace back to the Indiana Martins?  It would be
> interesting for me to know which Martin family James descended from.
> Several siblings in Isaac Jr.'s family married into the Martins.  They
> migrated to Kentucky from Virginia with the Sinclairs and then of course on
> to Indiana ca. 1821.
> Dallas B. St. Clair:
> Do I have your family sheets in my Wayman & Mary book?  Have you been in
> contact with the 10 people who have been researching and preserving your
> lines' records?  Your line is suddenly becoming very active as I've heard
> from two Watts researchers in the past week!  Your family is #43 in my
> quarterly.  Please refer to that number if you should decide to write.
> QUESTION:  Do you know why the name Paschal has passed down in your line?
> That is a big puzzle to all of the researchers of Alexander as that name is
> also passed down in my line (Robert & Ruth) as well as Robert Jr & Lucy
> line.  If you have ever heard where the name came from, please let me know
> as it could solve some of the unknown wives possibly.
> Jack St. Clair's son and daughter-in-law drove to Texas several years ago
> and we met at a restaurant in the hill country and copied each others work.
> - Fun!
> For those of you who want to pursue this further, my mailing address is:
> Jean Grigsby - P.O. Box 339 - Beeville, TX 78104
> Good luck and happy hunting!