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descendants of Alexander Sinkler

Robert Jrs book goes into the computer during spring break - the covers are
ordered and the WILL book is all over but the proofreading.  Please let the
others know I haven't died - just slowed down a bit.  Looks like a full
moon and all of Alexanders descendants are surfacing so I will try to add
my 2 cents in the hopes it will be of help.

Steve St. Clair:
Where did your William S. SR. live?  That will tell me real quick who he
belonged to.

Bananah:  Reread the message from Brad Sinkler.  He is going to descend
from Isaac & Letitia also.  Burl and I have worked for years on those two
men,  William Douglas and George.  

Brad Sinkler:  Was your branch in 1880 Wayne County, Illinois? If so, I
believe  you descend from Alexander Sinkler - Wayman Sinkler - Isaac &
Letittia - (then we have a problem because there were no wills - the next
generation will either be William Douglas Sinclair or George Sinclair and
his first wife) - the next generation is William Douglas Sinclair and his
wife Ruth Johnson who were the parents of your Isaac.  The first three
generations are documented in my published book Sinkler-Sinclair-St. Clair.
 The next ten generations are in an unpublished book consisting of about
500 typed pages.  Your family is #13 in my quarterlies and I have hunted
for a descendant for more years than I care to recall.  Did Isaac's
brothers and sisters go to Illinois with him?  If you would like to mail
your family sheets as far back as you have documented, I can fill in the
earlier records for you.  Welcome to the family!

John S. Raschke:
Apparently you are from the same line as Brad?  I have never heard of a
Bastro Sinkler and would be very interested in hearing from you regarding
him.  The only Sinclair I found in Dubois County 1850 was Ebenecer.  Do you
by any chance descend from him?  You are facing the same problem as Brad as
to the parents of Ebenezer although the Hart line has been doing a lot of
work on that branch.  
I was fascinated to see that your branch was still marrying into the Martin
family.  Do they trace back to the Indiana Martins?  It would be
interesting for me to know which Martin family James descended from. 
Several siblings in Isaac Jr.'s family married into the Martins.  They
migrated to Kentucky from Virginia with the Sinclairs and then of course on
to Indiana ca. 1821.  

Dallas B. St. Clair:
Do I have your family sheets in my Wayman & Mary book?  Have you been in
contact with the 10 people who have been researching and preserving your
lines' records?  Your line is suddenly becoming very active as I've heard
from two Watts researchers in the past week!  Your family is #43 in my
quarterly.  Please refer to that number if you should decide to write.
QUESTION:  Do you know why the name Paschal has passed down in your line? 
That is a big puzzle to all of the researchers of Alexander as that name is
also passed down in my line (Robert & Ruth) as well as Robert Jr & Lucy
line.  If you have ever heard where the name came from, please let me know
as it could solve some of the unknown wives possibly.
Jack St. Clair's son and daughter-in-law drove to Texas several years ago
and we met at a restaurant in the hill country and copied each others work.
- Fun!

For those of you who want to pursue this further, my mailing address is:
Jean Grigsby - P.O. Box 339 - Beeville, TX 78104
Good luck and happy hunting!