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Re: Sinclair discussion list

[John Quarterman wrote:]

[i had written:]

>>  or you could also set it up so that when the number of
>>messages exceeds a certain amount (say 10),
>Only twice has this list ever had more than 10 messages in a single day.

i didn't mean in a single day, i meant in general - some digests work so
that every time 10 messages are recieved, a digest goes out, regardless of
day or time.  if not enough messages are recieved in one day, no digest
gets sent. this list definitely has enough traffic for that kind of
non-daily digest, and i think that the frequency would end up being about
the same as if it was a daily digest.

>> a digest gets automatically
>>compiled and sent.  this would allow those who don't care as much if they
>>have to wait a day or so to be on the digest version, and those who don't
>>mind getting a lot of email to stay on the regular version.
>If there's a lot of demand for a digest, we can do one.
>But right now it doesn't look like there's much need for one.

i don't know how much traffic this list has had before last week, when i
joined, but i got 13 messages today. i want to stay on the list, but i
don't know if i want to wade through that many individual messages.

		- brookes