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Re: Sinclair discussion list

>>>is there any way we can get a digest format of the list going?
>>Is there enough traffic for a digest to be worthwhile?
>i think so - any list that receives over 7 messages a day should have a
>digest option IMO.

On only four days has this list ever had more than 7 messages,
so it looks like it's not time for a digest yet.

>  or you could also set it up so that when the number of
>messages exceeds a certain amount (say 10),

Only twice has this list ever had more than 10 messages in a single day.

> a digest gets automatically
>compiled and sent.  this would allow those who don't care as much if they
>have to wait a day or so to be on the digest version, and those who don't
>mind getting a lot of email to stay on the regular version.

If there's a lot of demand for a digest, we can do one.
But right now it doesn't look like there's much need for one.