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Re: family history


You really need to get Pete Cummings' booklet "Descendants of
George Sinclair, 4th Earl of Caithness, for 10 Generations."  It
will fill in a _lot_ of gaps for you! 

I think that the John Sinclair you refer to is John of Exeter,
New Hampshire. He is an ancestor of mine as well. See
http://kingcrest.com/sinclair/sinker_history.html-ssi for a lot
of details about John. From there you can get the information on
how to order Pete's booklet by going to the bibliography page.

Good luck and Happy Easter.

Best regards,
Paul Sinclair--

--- Original Message of ross (02:08 PM 4/12/98 -0400)---
>After talking to the oldest remaining member of my family, I
have obtained
>some information that should help in my search of my roots.
>We know that John Sinclair of Exeter Maine, believed to be the
son of
>Henry, came to North America in the mid 1600's.  His brothers
and sisters
>are unknown.  He was a soldier during the time of Cromwell when the
>destruction of the Rosslyn Castle was ordered.
>As far back as we know for direct family ties is goes as follows:
>My Great-great-great grandfather, Moses Sinclair, came to
Canada through
>Detroit sometime after the War of 1812 after a dispute with his
>Adroniram Sinclair.  Moses dropped the surname of Sinclair and
adapted the
>name St.Clair.  He had a son Harley who had a son Edmond.
Edmond lived
>most of his life and died in Galt Ontario.  Edmond had 3 sons.
One son,
>who name escapes me at present, died at a very young age.  The
other 2 sons
>were Chesterman of Callendar Ontario and William of Burks Falls
>He also had 3 daughters - Mary Ziehm of Detroit, Murielle
Fletcher of Gore
>Bay Ontario, and Beth Weber of Missisauga, Ontario.  William
St.Clair had
>two sons, Dale of South Carolina, and Ross of Kitchener
Ontario.  Dale had
>one son, Shane.  Ross had a son, William Alexander, and a
daughter which is
>me, Rosslyn St.Clair.
>If any of these names match what you have, please let me know
so that I can
>find more of my heritage.  Thankyou.
>Rosslyn St.Clair