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Re: Sinclair discussion list

John S. Quarterman wrote:

> It's rather amusing that as soon as I said the list hardly ever got
> 10 messages a day, that the same day (yesterday) it got 18 messages.
> We also had several unsubscriptions and new subscriptions in the same
> day.
> The total number of subscribers stands at 117.
> Let's see what kind of volume the list gets this week.
> If yesterday was a fluke, there's probably not a problem.
> But if the volume keeps up anywhere near the level of yesterday,
> a digest is probably a good idea, and I'll set it up.
> Thanks,
> John
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   i agree.  today's windfall was 19 messages.  maybe it will be
appropriate for a digest to be created.  thank you for doing that for
deb reed