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Re: Duncan Sinclair

Dear Karen;
Do you have any evidence as to where in Scotland your ancestors came
from? It might be useful to know some naming traditions. The eldest son
was traditionally named after the paternal grandfather, and this might
give you a meaningful clue as to the ancestry. It frequently is like
unravelling a large puzzle. Having a county of parish is also a clue. We
have Duncans and Johns going back to the period but did not leave until
well after 1790 This was in Argyll and Kilmodan Parrish, the territory
of the Campbells. The descendants came out in the same period 1790 to
Prince Edward Island. A trip to No. Carolina has its own story as to
motivations. Do you have any idea as to what motivated them at that
period. If we have the same geography we may have more interesting
information and clues.

Regards Neil Sinclair

Karen J Matheson wrote:

> I am descended from DUNCAN SINCLAIR born ca 1781 in Scotland.
> Emigrated to Moore County, North Carolina probably as a child
> with his father, JOHN SINCLAIR, before 1790.  He died in the
> 1850s in Randolph County, North Carolina.  His daughter
> KIZZIE (or Christian) married William Goins about 1836.
> Does anyone know where in Scotland this family came from?
> Names of JOHN SINCLAIR'S spouse and DUNCAN SINCLAIR'S first
> wife would be greatly appreciated.  Names of Duncan's
> other children are not known to me at this time.  HELP!