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Duncan Sinclair

Hello everyone!  Here's my next puzzle:

I found in "Obituaries from Ontario Christian Guardian,"1861-1870 the following-

SINCLAIR, Duncan, burned to death at Niagara on the ship Zimmerman.  Aug. 1863.  see Lawless, Patrick .--The steamer Zimmerman was destroyed by fire while lying at her wharf at Niagara.  The watchman Patrick Lawless, and second mate, Duncan Sinclair, perished fighting the fire.  The Zimmerman was used on the route between Niagara and Toronto.  August 26, 1863.

Can anyone claim him?  We have a Duncan Sinclair, known as "Red", whom my father-in-law remembered hearing stories about, but the dates don't coincide
very well.  There is another  Duncan, captain of a lake steamer who was married to Christina McCorquodale, but he died in Toronto in 1901.

Look forward to hearing from you.   Toni