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American Sinclairs

I wonder if any fellow Sinclair may be able to help me find family members
(surviving or otherwise ) of three Sinclair brothers who went to the US in
the late 1840's from  Lossiemouth in Scotland and settled in Illinois and
Nebraska They were Thomas James and Alexander(?) Sinclair 
Last known relatives were Helen Sinclair, and Annabelle Sinclair who were
living at 2236 Howard St Omaha Nebraska and Euphemia Sinclair whose address
was 12  S.Hoyne Avenue Chicago Ill. in 1911
Also 1639 Hinnmann(?) Ave Evanston Ill. was mentioned as another address on
the will form I have for the estate of James Sinclair made on the 27th of
October 1911.
I hope somebody may be able to help in my quest for information

James M.(Mac) Jenkins. Bendigo .Australia