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Re: Related?

     TO: Cameron Sinclair
     Start with what you know to the unknown.  
     It others words: 
     Talk to your oldest relatives; 
     Look for family documents: bibles, marriage or birth certificates, 
     If your SINCLAIR resided in Ontario:
     The early Ontario Vital Statistics (Births: 1869-1900; Marriages: 
     1869-1914; Deaths: 1869-1925) are on microfilms at the Ontario 
     Archives (in Toronto) or at any Mormon Branch Family History Library.
     The following Census are on microfilms at the Ontario Archives; the 
     Canadiana Room, North York Public Library; or can be inter-library 
     loan from the National Library in Ottawa: 1851, 1861, 1871 (Indexed 
     for Ontario), 1881, 1891, & 1901 (gives date of birth).
     Also if you give me a complete data on your SINCLAIR, I will see what 
     I can do, because I have collected many SINCLAIR families listed in 
     Ontario (have been doing genealogy for the last 19 years).
     Rexdale, Ontario 

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Subject: Related?
Author:  csinclai@uoguelph.ca at INTERNET
Date:    1/12/98 10:09 PM

Hello fellow Sinclair's.
    My name is Cameron Sinclair, an Environmental Science student at the
University of Guelph (Canada).  I am beginning a foggy search on the ancestral 
backgrounds of my particular line of Sinclair's.  All of which I have found out 
is my grandfathers name, Raymond Donald Sinclair, a Canadian who I can only 
estimate was born in the late 1800's.
    If anyone can be of some assistance I would be appreciated.
->Cameron Sinclair
"In the year of our Lord 1314, patriots of Scotland, starving and outnumbered, 
charged the fields of Bannockburn.  The fought like warrior poets.  They fought 
like Scotsmen. And won their freedom."