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Feast of
   St. Clair
Pillarguri Days

Games and Gatherings of Particular Interest to Sinclairs


Sinclair Symposia

Kirkwall Symposium:
Did Prince Henry sail to the new world in 1398? See also the announcement on Orknet.
NH Symposium:
Prince Henry Sinclair, his family, his Templar connections, his voyage, his home, etc.
Sauniere Symposium
at the Templar Lodge Hotel, Gullane, near Edinburgh, Scotland.

600th Celebration Events

For numerous events related to the 600th anniversary celebrations of Prince Henry Sinclair's voyage to North America, see the event schedule in the 600th Celebration News.

Highland Games

Sinclairs go to various Highland Games, and we happen to have pictures of Mel Sinclair's pictures of the 1999 Stone Mountain Highland Games a few. Maybe we can get some reports from attendees, as well. For example, here are Mel Sinclair's pictures of the 1999 Stone Mountain, Georgia, Highland Games.

[Salado, Texas, Highland Games 1996] The Salado, Texas, Highland Games of November 1996, with Clan Sinclair represented by David Sinclair Bouschor, Former Clan President of Clan Sinclair Association Inc. (U.S.A.), and family.

[Grandfather Mountain Highland Games 1995] The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in North Carolina of July 1995, one of the largest Highland Games in the world, with Clan Sinclair.

What to Wear

Anything will do. Tartan is popular. Paul Sinclair has good images of the Sinclair formal and hunting tartans. See also the Chebucto and Scotclans images. The House of Tartan web pages have good images of Sinclair tartans, and also explain things such as on which shoulder a woman should wear the tartan. And for searching for all known tartans, see Try Tartan Search for Gudbrandsdalen to see two Norwegian tartans derived from the Sinclair tartan after the battle of Kringellen in Norway (found by Iain Laird).

The 123rd Sacramento Valley Scottish Games and Gathering was held in Woodland, California.

Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 12:41:20 EDT

Saturday and Sunday, April 24 & 25, The 123rd Sacramento Valley Scottish Games and Gathering was held in Woodland, California. The days were beautiful and the crowds were huge. Clan Sinclair was prominent in the Glen of the Clans with a double tent setup. The front of the tent was filled with displays and information and the back tent was a beehive of activity with all of the Sinclairs talking, planning for 2000 and generally getting reaquainted after the winter months.

Gary Parsons was kind enough to bring his casting, the Angel and the Engrailed Cross, from the Rosslyn Chapel for display. Gary's daughter Melissa, who dances in the Sinclair blue and white tartan, took three third places in the Premier level of Highland Dance competition.

One of the visitors to the tent was Kerry Gay, his brother Dino stopped later. Kerry and Dino are descendents of Captain Thomas Gay who sailed the barque, the Bessie, from Pigeon Bay in New Zealand to Tahiti, to Vancouver Island, to Hawaii. The Bessie arrived in Honolulu in 1863. There the Sinclairs purchased Niihau Island from King Kamehameha. Captain Thomas Gay was married to Jean Sinclair, Daughter of Captain Frances Sinclair and wife Eliza McHutchison. Kerry is trying to contact his cousins from the Sinclairs that are scattered around the world.

The Games were well attended. In the athletic competition, 3 world records were set. Entertainment was provided by Seamus Kennedy, Men of Worth, Clan na Gael, Golden Bough and Tempest. Nine pipe bands provided the correct sounds for a Scottish gathering.

People that assisted at the tent were: Commissioner Ray and Jeanne Lower, Commissioner Donald and Mary F. Sinclair, Vice President West Jerry Sinclair, Mollie Sinclair. George Sinclair, and Commissioner Gary and Mary H. Sinclair.


Links to Lists of Games
usscots shirenet highlandnet

4-5 Sept 1999, Pleasanton, California, 1999 Scottish Athletics World Championships

Recommended by Gary D. Sinclair.

17-19 Sept 1999, Lincoln, New Hampshire, Loon Mountain Highland Games

Clan Sinclair was the Honored Clan at the 1998 New Hampshire Highland Games. Last year these games saw numerous Sinclair events, particularly related to Prince Henry Sinclair.

29 August 1999, John O' Groats, Caithness, Scotland, Caithness Highland Games


April 2000, Sacramento, California, Sacramento Vally Highland Games and Gathering

Gary D. Sinclair, Clan Sinclair U.S.A. Commissioner Northern California, recommends these games, and notes that they are arguably the largest Highland Games in the world.

May 2000, Fairhill, Maryland Highland Games

It is one of the larger games in the Eastern USA and well worth attending. —Joe Greigg [United Kingdom: Union Flag]

July 2000, Linville, North Carolina, Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

The local Games of the U.S.A. Clan Sinclair President, Brad Barker, and arguably the largest Highland Games in the world. The Clan has reserved a block of ten rooms at the Broyhill Inn and Conference Center in Boone. The quoted rate (which may go up) is $89. For reservations call 800-951-6048 and indicate you are with Clan Sinclair. In 1998 Prince Henry's ship sailed in the Parade of Tartans. In 1999 there was talk of Sinclairs in the Tug of War.
GMHG, Inc.
PO box 1095,
Linville, NC 28646
For info about Sinclair activities contact Brad Barker.

July 2000, Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Henry Sinclair Celebration

[Nova Scotia flag] ``Scott Sinclair (who designed the great memorial to Henry at Boylston Park that was unveiled at [1998]'s 600 Anniversary Celebration) has some great ideas for this [1999]'s event! It will include a medaevil feast and an outdoor show at the monument. We are also considering a Genealogical Day on the 11th where people could come and search their line. We'd have to get some of the best to make it work.'' Contact Rob Cohn.

July 2000, Brimfield, Massachusetts, Western Massachusetts Highland Games

Hope to see as many as possible. Stop by and say "Hi" to Ian & Frances Sinclair and Gary M. and Shawn Sinclair.
Yours Aye,
Gary M. Sinclair

25 July 2000, Parliament, London

See Sinclair 2000.

29 July 2000, Halkirk Games, Halkirk, Scotland

Details. See also Sinclair 2000.

August 2000, Halkirk, Caithness, Scotland, Halkirk Highland Games


30 July 2000, Caithness, Scotland

The Clan Sinclair Chief, Lord Malcolm, has invited Sinclairs to assemble in Scotland the week of 30 July 2000.

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