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Tongue, 30 May 2006
   30 May 2006
Strath Halladale, 30 May 2006
   Strath Halladale
   30 May 2006
Brims Castle, 30 May 2006
   Brims Castle
   30 May 2006
Scara Bra, 31 May 2006
   Skara Brae
   31 May 2006
Thurso, 31 May 2006
   31 May 2006
Noss Head Lighthouse, 1 June 2006
   Noss Head
   1 June 2006
Girnigoe, 1 June 2006
   1 June 2006
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Thurso and Old St. Peter's Kirk, 31 May 2006

Sketch of Old St. Peter's Kirk, floor plans, and other information are here: St Peter's Kirk, Thurso, Caithness c 1150-1832 H Gordon Slade and George Watson, Proc Soc Antiq Scot, 119 (1989), 297-325.

About St. Peter's and St. Andrew's Church, where the congregation moved in 1833.

       For tours from small to large, we recommend James Campbell of Explore and Discover Tours.

For whiskey, esp. Old Pulteney, distilled in Wick, try J A Mackay Whisky Specialist, 4 Traill Street, Thurso. Or the bar at the St. Clair Hotel, where the barkeep has them lined up from north to south, including also Clynelish and Brora, from down the coast in Sutherland, plus of course Highland Park and Scapa from Orkney.

Thurso, Morning, 31 May 2006
[Reception, St. Clair Hotel]
Reception, St. Clair Hotel
[Sinclair Street]
Sinclair Street
[Towards the library]
Towards the library
[Front, St. Clair Hotel]
Front, St. Clair Hotel
[Sinclair St. sign]
Sinclair St. sign
Thurso, Evening, 31 May 2006
[WW II Memorial]
WW II Memorial
[St. Peter's & St. Andrew's Church]
St. Peter's & St. Andrew's Church
[St. Peter's & St. Andrew's Church 2]
St. Peter's & St. Andrew's Church 2
[WW I Memorial]
WW I Memorial
Old St. Peter's Kirk
[Van by Kirkyard Wall, near River]
Van by Kirkyard Wall, near River
[Gate in south wall]
Gate in south wall
[Founded ca. 1220, closed 1832]
Founded ca. 1220, closed 1832
[South end, with plaque]
South end, with plaque
Arches and graves
[Arches of south transept window]
Arches of south transept window
[Arches from inside the communion area]
Arches from inside the communion area
[Missing arches in north transept]
Missing arches in north transept
[Graves inside north transept]
Graves inside north transept
[Corner graves, prob. in west chancel]
Corner graves, prob. in west chancel
More Kirk
[Bars in Forss Aisle (large), and for the tower stairs (small)]
Bars in Forss Aisle (large), and for the tower stairs (small)
[Niche (Sinclair memorial in Forss Aisle?)]
Niche (Sinclair memorial in Forss Aisle?)
[West yard]
West yard
[West yard with north vines]
West yard with north vines
[James and Elsie]
James and Elsie
[Skull and crossbones]
Skull and crossbones
[Barbara Sinclair, wife of George Dunnet]
Barbara Sinclair, wife of George Dunnet
[Elizabeth Turnbull]
Elizabeth Turnbull
[The floor obviously used to be lower]
The floor obviously used to be lower
[Black and white cat]
Black and white cat
[Yellow cat]
Yellow cat
[East side, with W. window, door into Murkle Loft (Sheriff's Seat), round tower, and Session's House (above Forss Aisle)]
East side, with W. window, door into Murkle Loft (Sheriff's Seat), round tower, and Session's House (above Forss Aisle)
[NE side: Magistrate's Loft door (l.); Town Aisle door (r.)]
NE side: Magistrate's Loft door (l.); Town Aisle door (r.)
[Roof, with some signs of repair]
Roof, with some signs of repair
[Encroaching town]
Encroaching town
Thurso, 1 June 2006
[St. Clair Hotel back yard]
St. Clair Hotel back yard
St. Peter's & St. Andrew's (where the congregation of Old St. Peter's Kirk moved in 1832)
[Bell tower]
Bell tower
[View east across the river]
View east across the river

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