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Re: list move

A week ago, I remarked:

>It seems clear to me that Gary's list sinclair-discussion@yahoogroups.com
>is the new list.

As of today, 96 people have subscribed to Gary's new list.
Out of the 185 people who were on the old list when he agreed
to try starting a new list, that's more than 51%.

Gary requested the majority to rule on this subject.
They have done so.

I'm now redirecting the old list so that postings to it will go
to the new list.

Of course, to post to the new list, you need to be a member of
the new list.

If anyone hasn't subscribed to the new list and wishes to apply
to do so, the address for that is:

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>

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