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Re: crest , cross-stitch pattern.

At 05:00 PM 02/01/03 -0800, Laura Sinclair wrote:
>Janet, if it's not to much trouble could you please include me in the
>sending of the cross stitch pattern. I have been looking to do one of the 
>crest for my husband but could never find the right pattern.

This "thread" (sorry, - my little pun there) of messages struck a faint
"cord" (spelling intentional - I just can't stop) with me, and I immediately
started searching through the online copies of "Girnigoe" newsletter
from the Clan Sinclair Society's website.

Sure enough, although it wasn't for a crest design, there was an advert
detailing some cross-stitch patterns of Castles Sinclair and Girnigoe.  

The ad was as follows:

>From "Girnigoe" Newsletter, No 14 October 1999:

"For the practically minded, a cross-stitch pattern is now available depicting
Castles Sinclair and Girnigoe.  These are based upon an original painting by
Hans Zahn.

The stitch count is 179x124 (approx. 32.4cm x 22.5cm with 14 count fabric).
A thread usage table is provided with the colour palette optimised for DMC

Cost is 5 Sterling per pattern, including postage.  Please send your order
to The Secretary, Mrs Kay Dunnet (address given on back page).  Cheques
should be made payable to `Clan Sinclair Society in Caithness'

The intention is to produce further Sinclair cross-stitch patterns in time for
Sinclair 2000."

I hope The Society will not mind my reproducing their advert without prior
consultation in this forum - I have no affiliation with them, nor am I a
member (although I guess I have a connection in ancestry!).

Hope that is of some interest - I have no idea what a stitch count
is, nor how to drive a thread usage table!


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia

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