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Re: change of year, change of list

Gary, I for one would be willing to su bscribe and try a list elsewhere. Being 
on another mail list that tried yahoo, I know the problems with that were so 
numerouse that it was dropped. Hopefully topica would work well for everyone. 
I would hate to lose touch with all of you even tho I have only been posting 
a short while-there is much to learn in exchange with one another in our 
I am not looking for 'royalty' and all that;only for the correct and provable 
The Highland Games in Texas are only a few miles from my house- I have been 
only once when it rained cats and dogs the entire time my son and I were 
there. I would love to meet whoever of you journeys to the Highland Games in 
Arlington Texas this year. -Gay Dvorak
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