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Re: Sinclair Crests


I bought a kit for the rooster crest a few years ago
and scanned the pattern into a .bmp computer file. 
I'd be glad to email it to you.

I borrowed a copy of the book about crests that
Katherine mentioned and looked up all of the Sinclair
crests.  Along with the cock, phoenix, and cross &
stars designs there are a swan, dove, griffin, man on
horseback or holding flag, otter, pole-cat, and a
naked arm issuing from a cloud grasping a sword.  Some
of the mottos include Fidelity, Faith, I believe,
Candidly, but cautiously, Ready for the contest, and
Roses plucked will give sweet smell.  I copied all the
designs.  They're fun to look at.


--- Judy Carter <jggc@lcii.net> wrote:
> Katherine when you did the crest was it in cross
> stitch.  If it was do you
> have the patterns.
> Judy
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