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Re: The Rooster on the Clan Sinclair Crest

Ah Glen:
Ever the sparely eloquent one!

We have the equivalent of Glen Cook in the piping world.
Archibald Campbell of Kilberry was a compiler of the older classical piping
tunes which come under the rubric "piobaireachd" (pr. pee-brock)  and was
the main compiler for the Piobaireachd Society from 1925 -1950. As pipers,
we love to think that our playing is the same as that of any of the great
MacCrimmon pipers of Dunvegan from 1600-1750 -- sometimes the 'feeling' is

Here is what Kilberry had to say on this matter:

"The question of composers is hazier still.   For what they are worth, the
names of reputed composers will be found at the headings of certain tunes.
They are mainly those given by Angus MacKay, probably the most reliable
authority. The vaguer and more fanciful traditions attached to other tunes
have been ignored and they as well as those about which no stories are told,
appear without composers' names.  The writer likes to imagine that most of
our piobaireachds are of MacCrimmon workmanship, but he has not compiled
this book to be  record of what he imagines."

I laughed out loud on reading that last sentence as it speaks simultaneously
to our dreams as well as being merciless in letting his own dreams crash
against the hard reality of what can be said to be certainly known.

And where are you in Ross-shire?   Easter Ross, Wester Ross  --  I know and
love Ross very much and have been going there almost yearly for 12 years.

In Toronto and not Ross
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