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RE: The Rooster on the Clan Sinclair Crest

We live, today, in a very exciting world of the computer where we all
can share new and old information, to piece the larger puzzle together,
for our understanding of the Knights Templar and our Clan St. Clair. Do
you think we will be successful in understanding the thoughts of our
relatives some 700+ ago? I do not know. As a Masonic researcher and
modern day Knights Templar I feel, from what I have read, researched and
seen, the Templars had certain special knowledge they learn or
discovered from the 200 year existence on the temple mount and
interaction with the local population of the area.  New ideas had to be
filtered into or taken from the conquered people of the surrounding
area. They had quite an effect on the new order and changed their lives
and thoughts forever. I also feel certain information or more was
delivered to Roslyn, Scotland just after 1314. Something happened to the
St. Clair's of that time. The timing and people were all in place to
accomplish the tasks at hand and so they did create history. The St
Clair's were blessed with certain knowledge or maybe more to create not
only Rosslyn Castle, the Chapel and maybe even what we call Freemasonry
of today. If you are interested, research a few of the newly published
books on Rosslyn or check into the Rosslyn Manuscripts from 1488 written
by Gilbert Hay and ordered by William St. Clair about life around
Rosslyn in the 1440's. Only time will tell if all of our efforts are
successful in turning up new pieces of our Clan Sinclair's puzzle.

Yours within the faith..., Aye,

Andrew R. Jackson, GJW Grand Commandery KT, Indiana

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