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Re: The Rooster on the Clan Sinclair Crest

I think once again we're all confronted with the Templar mysteries that none 
of us know completely, some of which we were presented a legacy of at 
Rosslyn, some of which will perhaps always be lost, some of which we might 
even reject-however I can say this: if what few records on the Dupuy 
connection have been unearthed are legitimate, and the descendants of the 
American Bartholomew Dupuy are descendants of Hughes (Hugh) Dupuy (numerous 
spelling of both Hugh and Dupuy), and if we ever in Scotland or France find 
the marriage register containing the record of Catherine 
(Catharine/Katherine) St Clair (Sinclair), and the lineage is proven- there 
has continued to be heretic leanings down thru time, continued to be people 
who refused to have a religion forced on them and have been on a quest all 
throughout life for the truth.  The truth changes as information becomes 
known to us. The truth expands across a few more centuries the more I find 
out-but there is -at the bottom of this-a truth that reaches like a hand 
across all those years- the truth with a few ripples here and there-   
personally I think it is the hand of God- with a few ripples as I said.      
How this came about, for me, was my teenager began to read about King Arthur, 
then the KT's and was talking to me about them. I had never heard of them, 
but mentioned them to my mother who proceeded to say, "Oh, yes, the Knights 
Templar-you're descedended from one of them, the Grand Master, Hughes Dupuy". 
Thunderstruck was I? Yes indeed. She has been involved in family research for 
over 30 yrs, and I spent many vacations in courthouse basements and 
cemeteries.    She then said she had my Dad's line somewhere and he was 
descended from the Stewart/Stuarts, Janet Stewart who married John Sinclair. 
So here we are.  My mother actually has no idea who and what the KT's really 
were or did;she knows only they were Knights. She has read Rex Deus and like 
many people who are confronted with such information, she waves it all away 
which is the easiest thing to do.  We are then confronted with just how much 
we really want to know- just as may Christians think the whole story ends at 
the tomb or the cross and never wonder what happened to the rest of the 
family, how or why that religion spread and changed, what of it all is true 
and what is fabrication, what is actually the same story repeated over and 
over down thru time with the names changed,  etc. It is much easier to think 
that way-the rest of the story is so massive and spread out it takes more 
than a lifetime to take in. Or it might be easier to read thru it all and 
reject it all, choosing to be a deist as Thomas Jefferson, or an atheist, or 
a Druid or whatever, which brings us right back to the question at the top. 
Why in the world would church steeples have roosters on them? Does anyone 
have that information? Does this perhaps advertise 'eggs for sale here; go to 
the poultry yard behind the church?' ...........where else in the world does 
this tradition exist-does anyone know?                If the rooster story 
connection to courage has any ring of truth to it, perhaps that person 
'strutted around like a rooster' as some people do, was known for it, and 
therefore awarded it-but is there actually any record of this-on paper, 
 I have read everything I can get my hands on re the KT's. I do believe they 
were pretending to be good Catholics as a coverup, with the support of 
Bernard of Clairvaux. I doubt they ever embraced the Catholic Church as a 
whole, but as a means. As I've read elsewhere and it is true-to understand 
some of that you have to put yourself back in that place and time-and study 
the history of what appears to be almost constant war, constant family feuds 
and murders, constantly changing boundaries and language-I was looking 
yesterday at the Occitan spelling of Hughes which is Ug or Ugos-who would 
think to look for records under that?   
Lastly, in this family there is a continuation of a lineage of Masonry in the 
family and I think we would all agee that group has a great body of 
information held by the Templars-whether all or only part. My Dad has told me 
they have libraries-as noted previously in this list-I dont know how much of 
that info has been gone thru by Masons in this family.         Discussion 
please and thank you all-Gay Dvorak

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