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Re: The Rooster on the Clan Sinclair Crest

Gay, Susan and others:

I have puzzled over the rooster for some time as well.  The reasons 
given on the Sinclair site and on this list are:
  - that in Normandy, church steeples commonly have roosters atop, so 
this is a reference to the Norman origins of the name,
- that the french Chanticler is a close approximation of the name, Saint Clair,
- that, the rooster heralds the light of day, or "holy light" - Sanctus Claro"
- that the rooster is a symbol of courage,
- and, I believe it was "Sinclair" in France that said that Richard 
de St. Clair  was awarded "the rooster" for his courage following 

The Scandinavian good luck/ Kings of France explanation, supplied by 
Susan, is certainly plausible.

Now, of all the surnames with Norman origins, why should the rooster 
refer to Sinclairs especially?  Sinclairs are certainly not unique in 
having courage.  Would the central figure of the crest derive from a 
play on words?

Heralding the "holy light" is certainly a reference with substance 
enough to merit a central place on the crest, and as such, an analogy 
to St. John, the Baptist, makes some sense.

I am aware that St. John heralded "that bright morning star".

  Gay, if your suggestion is correct, what "light" did the Sinclairs 
herald through "their Templar ties"?  Freemasonry?  Esoteric 
knowledge?  Other??

Searching for light!
Ian A. Sinclair
Ontario, Can.
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