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Re: Dead Horse

John, Although I am at this time a "lurker" I read all the messages posted and am frequently amused by the things that fly through the air. This list reminds me of this branch of StClairs,having recently moved back to Virginia after living away for 37 years I am getting a chance to watch my mother and her sisters in their best StClair modes. We all seem to be rather thin skinned and hot tempered but where is the legendary StClair sense of humor? I am sorry that Niven has jumped ship I really looked forward to his postings,as Joe said we are all free to use delete and ignore those who tick us off but that said, we really should try to learn and discuss rather than have poor John have to referee this list as though we are small children. I must say that Sinclair is one of my favorite addresses to see come up as he always has an opinion and frequently teaches me something. The breadth of knowledge of many of you amazes me and the general topics that pop up now and then are either of interest or not so hit the button and move on to the next. I hope that everyone stays put and we can continue to learn and laugh together. Have a happy and safe holiday, Charlotte Gellis{gdaughter of Charles P. StClair)
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