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Re: Dead Horse

John et al,

To my way of thinking this is a very easy decision.  This list is perhaps
the best of its kind on the web, encompassing genealogy, relevant history
and "everything you could possibly want to know" about family connections.
A wealth of other information of all sorts exists a query or two away in the
minds of the "regulars" who make up the Sinclair family

In exchange for all this, all we have to do is to remain unfailingly civil
to one another.  Now admittedly some of us have more difficulties with this
than others, but if if a debate-loving person like me can do it, anyone can.

I think the unpleasant stuff generally gets started rather innocently, but
sours as nuance-free email communication allows misunderstandings to

Patience, cousins...

Joe Erkes

> Thank you, Donald, for trying to bring sanity back.
> The list belongs to its members.
> However, we have one camp, led by Niven and including almost the entire
> British former membership, which has decamped, refusing to answer questions
> about its assertions on a range of topics, even though many of us,
> including Laurel and me, once assumed that they had such answers.
> We have Philippe, who has tried for years to get discussion going,
> often indeed in a deliberately acerbic manner trying to get people
> to respond, and gets himself shot at instead of his arguments.

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