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Re: Dead Horse

John, I would not like for this list to end.  I have learned more on history
than I have ever learned at any school.  I can not contribute to the history
part because I just don't have the education in that respect.  I do know
enough that some parts of history can never be proved no matter how much is
aurged about it.  There just is no written records that exist from those
times.  Our ancestors had minds of their own just like us.  Right or wrong
they tried to stand up to what they believe.  I know because you have to
really prove me wrong when I think I am right. I don't back down.
(hardheaded and stubborn).  I have met members of my own bloodline on this
list that I would never have known about and many more across the waters and
I have finally found out Sinclair first name! Such pleasures from such small
as always
cousin Judy from Emory, Texas

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> Thank you, Donald, for trying to bring sanity back.
> The list belongs to its members.
> However, we have one camp, led by Niven and including almost the entire

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