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Re: a Very Live horse


Neil, you have electronically uttered wonderous words of wisdom!

Of late I have not posted very much for basically three reasons:
1. My business is growing and taking my time.
2. The items of discussion have not been of such that I cared to comment.
3. Being a commissioner with Clan Sincair, I respect the clan and the
efforts that are being made to preserve the historical landmarks which are
valued and in need of preservation. Therefore, it saddens me to see
bickering among members of the list which could be detrimental to the
preservation of our heredity and the proud Sinclair name.

I am certainly for accuracy. But how does anyone, when reconstructing
ancient history, conclude that every i is dotted, and every t is crossed in
the same way in which it transpired hundreds of years ago? We read the
conclusions of those who have conducted the most in depth research, those
who have invested their lives seeking for answers to the complexities of
history, and endeavor to draw our conclusions from those findings. Does that
mean we should cut one another or discredit others because we do not agree
with them?

Can we not have a forum for logical step by step analysis of Sinclair
history like we used to? Does one side have to pit against the other and
cause frustration and discord to such a degree that many would rather remain
mute than face the grind? I think this is very unfortunate.

I feel that before the "Send" button is pushed, a measure of forthought
should be administered to the brain from the tips of anxious fingers.

John, I most certainly appreciate various acts of consideration which you
have personally shown to me in the past. I would enjoy feeling good about
this list. You have shown wisdom in it's administration.
Most definitely, continue.

Please, lets all be civil. I would like to remain active.

Stan St. Clair

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>Greetings to all;
>I have been I think what is called ghosting here on the Sinclair list and
>picking up gems of wisdom from time to time but keeping rather silent. That

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