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Re: This wonderful Sinclair list

 To John and the list:  I want to get my vote in before Jan 1st!
                       Stay with us ,John!!

 When anyone takes on the task of leadership, it sometimes brings with it a bit of unwarranted  criticism.  There is frustration when your well meaning programs get off track, with their misuse by others, beyond your control. You have suffered thru some of these and made the list the better by the way you handled it in the past.

 I know firsthand because I was dropped from the list a couple of months ago for my comments.  I realized my error and came back a better Sinclair when admitted back on.  (an interesting sideline is that I made contact, off line, with the Sinclair of whom I offended and we are now good friends)

Stay with us, John, as we can mend our ways!!!  Your contribution has been paramount to continuing the Sinclair Legend.  I for one would feel a great loss if you said "goodbye"

Sandy Sinclair

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