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RE: a Very Live horse

Greetings to all;

I have been I think what is called ghosting here on the Sinclair list and
picking up gems of wisdom from time to time but keeping rather silent. That
said I wanted to share with John, and all on the list something that you
might consider worthwhile. It relates to Sinclair's in a fashion but applies
to all communication.

The accomplishments of this list are many and frequently I pass on to John
his fine role as an enabler of thoughts ideas and information. It is never
easy to be an enabler when two or more persons are communicating. But look
at this list and the accomplishments that it has achieved in a short few

1. It has connected families and individuals to one another. Real live
relations having met one another.
2. It has connected and made friendships between people over time and
3. It has moved forward some genealogical information.
4. It has enabled friendships over the water
5. It has helped co-ordinate events, reunions and gatherings
6. It has exchanged factual information on topics as widespread as royalty,
religion and literature to say nothing about history and sociology.
7. It has achieved a great deal in the way of an exchange of historical
information on the Sinclair family and their times.
8. It has offered a forum for the exchange of ideas.
9. It has enabled a data base of research
10. It has posed thought provoking ideas, questions and the like.

People will come to this list, and for reasons of priorities leave the list
from time to time. The cast of merry Sinclair's may vary as time and
energies collect, grow and wane, then grow again. But John the enabler has
demonstrated something special, something that was not unlike a clan of old.
A number of individuals connected by name, interest, perhaps blood and
marriage. Something connects them by way of a spirit. We call this a
community with all a community brings with it by way of personalities,
prejudices and perspectives.

I am very surprised by the amount of good academics I have seen on this
list, along with some fine ideas and excellent minds. Many times I may have
disagreed for a moment or two, but overall I have more frequently bowed to
the collective wisdom, that men and women of good minds and hearts usually
centre upon.

I applaud John Quarternman for being such a fine enabler of a community. I
applaud the Nivens and the Sinclair's that offer of their time and insights.
I applaud the Donald's from both sides of the border on contributions. I
enjoy the genealogy, the participation of individuals if only to ask a
question and offer a fact of two. I enjoy the Rory on musical inputs. What a
clan and what leadership.

If I may offer two cents of insight and suggestion. People when
communicating electronically too frequently push the send key before asking
what will the reader understand in what I am communicating? Am I
communicating in such a fashion to be understood, or not. Is what I have to
offer important enough to be shared?

Life is simple, this is a list with integrity, and above all light and
knowledge. The knowledge to advance the collective understanding, and the
light to appreciate just what it is that families were put on earth to

Well done John and a tip of my hat to one and all; keep up the fine

Neil Sinclair
Glendaruel, Argyll Scotland 1720 something?
PEI in 1766
Toronto in 1950
A proud American/Canadian
A proud Mason
A celebrator of being a Sinclair and
having grown 3 new Sinclair's for the next generation.

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