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Re: Dead Horse

I, for one, wish to see the ad hominem attacks sent to
the dust bin.  Reasoned debate and discussion is a
worthwhile endeavour and can and does lead to new
information and connections within this large,
dispersed family.
I have not posted much to this list as I do not choose
to play "he said-she said" or 'my facts can beat up
your facts".  
John, I appreciate your management of this list and
would like to see you continue in the position.
Yours Aye,
Tearlach Sinclair
--- "John S. Quarterman" <jsq@quarterman.org> wrote:
> Thank you, Donald, for trying to bring sanity back.
> The list belongs to its members.
> However, we have one camp, led by Niven and
> including almost the entire
> British former membership, which has decamped,
> refusing to answer questions
> about its assertions on a range of topics, even
> though many of us,
> including Laurel and me, once assumed that they had
> such answers.

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