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George St. Clair

My great-great grandfather was a George St. Clair of London.  He was an archeologist, Egyptologist and I believe, a Unitarian minister during the late 1800's.  He corresponded with Darwin, Alex Huxley and other scientists of his day.  His letters are archived in the Southwest (Southwestern?) Museum in Pasadena, California. He had several books published, one of which is Creation Myths Discovered in Egypt: Studies in the "Book of the Dead", David Nutt , London, 1898.  According to family lore he was an orphan.  He had two sons, one who emigrated to South Africa, and the other, my great-grandfather, Norman St. Clair came to the USA in the late 1800's.  Norman was married to the former Ann Fleetwood.  Norman was the first artist to "discover" the artist's colony of Laguna Beach, California.  His watercolors were on exhibit in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other spots across the USA.

Does anyone have any information on George's wife or background?  Any tidbits of information would be greatly appreciated.


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