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Re: sinclair-digest V2 #1063

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> Subject: Re: the Duchess of Windsor
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[ Excess quotations omitted. ]

 I note that my appalling spelling was once again displayed for amateur I
wrote part of an electric motor

Saw this on the discussion list from  Sinclair s Club (SINCLAIR218) 15 Mays
Cottages Longwood Dean Nr Owslebury Winchester, , SO21 1JS  GB the web
master is Mr I. Laird. I thought that the club was for Pillarguri Days in
Otta, Sel Kommune, Norway. not for the perpetration of the Henry/Templar
myth.  However their web site has a link "We have a new Link to the New
Prince Henry St Clair Preceptory of Noss Head Caithness, run by Ian Sinclair
KOTpl, Archivist to the Clan Sinclair Study Centre"

On the whole I do agree with the conclusions of Brian Smith who wrote in his
paper "Earl Henry Sinclair's fictitious trip to America" "All this is
perplexing, but it is harmless. Like the works of Baigent and Leigh, from
whom some of the modern Zenoites take inspiration, the Henry Sinclair theory
is playful, especially in its most recent forms: a story to while a night
away. (71) I don't want to be ungenerous. We all want to know what happened
in the past. The only way to find out, however, is to read carefully, and to
listen to what our sources actually say. We must use our imaginations, if we
want the documents to speak; but imaginations become disabled when they run

reference 71 is  Amusingly, Baigent and Leigh drag Henry Sinclair into their
The Temple and the Lodge, p.161. Partner, The Knights Templar, p.179, is
good on the playfulness of modern Templarite fantasy"

Glad to see they are reading other opinions. Perhaps open minds can argue
their positions without resorting to childish name calling and Chinese


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