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Re: N.Z. Links.

Hi Graeme, John and Gordon.
I have been working out on a place called Wainui Park with kids on school camps.  As to why I suddenly dropped off the face of the earth - my partner of five years left me and I didn't cope all to well with it. Its been a very rough year and I am finally getting back on my feet again. I guess I am fortunate in that I am still young and eventually I will get past this. 
As to the Sinclair sites yes it is me that is needing to sort them out. Both sites will be fixed and sorted soon. I just have to go spend some time with the ex to do it. But yes its on my list of things that need to be done.
I am always interested in other branches of Sinclairs, Graeme.  I lost interest in my Sinclair research and seen for a while when a lovely man who was helping me and knew my Sinclairs died suddenly - he was a childhood neighbour of my great grandfather. It was really sad. But I am coming back again and I am another year older and wiser.   

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