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N.Z. Links.

Hi Jenny,
    Do you have any involvement with the 'official' Clan Sinclair - N.Z. website? It has been down for several months but recently became operational again, only the Discussion Forum is unuseable as it comes up as a page of error codes.
    Will you be resurrecting your own 'Kukupa' website? I have noticed that it also has been down for a long time, but I did hear that you had been busy and unable to spend time on it. Are you interested in other strands of Sinclair in N.Z., or just your own, as in your site?
    I have noticed that the link on jsq's Sinclair site for Scott Sinclair's N.Z. pages and links has only had an 'Error - not found' message for the last couple of years also. I wonder if there are any N.Z. Sinclairs wishing to discuss their research - I keep an eye on the lists. I have reached a dead end with my own research.
    I am thinking maybe I should set up my own webpages as the research is too valuable and hard work to not share.
                Regards, Graeme.

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