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Re:McNokaird = Sinclair ?

Dear Connie and all,
I've been thinking a whole lot about your comment "I assume that this =
link to the McNokairds means we are not related to the Caithness =
Sinclairs..." =20

 It actually might prove just the opposite.  From what I've learned from =
this whole exercise, the name  "MacNokaird" is the translation into =
Gaelic of the name, "Sinclair".=20

Im certainly no authority on the Sinclair Clan history, but it could be =
possible that as branches of the Sinclairs divided, (ie. Roslin in =
Midlothian, and  County Caithness)  that some went west and settled in =
Argyllshire.  After some time, they accepted the Gaelic version of the =
name.  That could account for the reasonably quick transfer back to =
"Sinclair" after proscription throughout Argyllshire, when  the =
government tried to eliminate the Gaelic language, and subdue the fiesty =

Just a thought anyway.  Anyone else care to comment?

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> Dear Toni,
> Again all of us from Islay must truly thank you. Your perseverance and =
> innovations in demystifying our family history have been absolutely =

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